Thursday, March 27, 2008

march 27, 2008

thurs. march 27, 2008
HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY TO MEG and huge thanks for getting us through the worst weeks of our lives together
mom & Fred

Fred's left hand is actually now getting some direction from Fred's brain. it had remained strong but Fred was unable to get it to go where he wanted it and it was tight against his chest. Today's session he had control over the right and left hand. not perfect but hey remarkable! we are grateful again. Stephanie Lee was the night nurse last night and did some yoga exercises with Fred during the night when he would awaken. he is sleeping better and is awake today for his terapy sessions. Drew is with him now. Thomas arrives tomorrow. again thanks for all the love and support it really is working. We are told we will be moving to Blue Hill hosp. rehab. April 8. we will be so happy to be closer to home. then we will evaluate the situation for visitors.



aoldach said...


You're not supposed to worry about responding. We (this new collective blog entity/identity)are supposed to be your bounancy while you get your feet back under you and then we can ask somethin of you, a chat, a nice demo., a critique or even better a technical solution to a thorny cold connection -- like that and all that.

But for now your only job is concentrated on all those routine things that help FRED!

I can't imagine how scary and how brave one needs to be suspended in that world of disconnected circuits. Even a little physical challenge like my stupid deteriorating eye sight and I get nasty, fussy, annoyed and grumpy big time almost to the extent that I make it worse. But you will need this incredible stamina sustained through mountainous challenges pulling all those discombobulated circuits back into play. Yikes. It is lucky you are you, because you have always had that steady stick-to-it-iv-ness. So if anybody has that stamina it is you. And with your poet warrior princess Ms. Patricia at your side -- well that is a big help too, isn't it? It's like the Maharishi used to talk about just getting all those meditation vibrations in synchronization to create world peace. Even as you work alone, I think there is all this good stuff flowin in from all these people to say nothing of the great staff -- and they do sound so rock solid and with that great warmth and caring that likewise supports your bouancy and makes them even more effective.

I went to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the PMA today. What a wonderful painter of hearts and souls. I'd like to go to the Blue House in Coyuacan someday. You can really feel her in her paintings, even when they are grim and depressing she has something determined and powerful. Wish somehow I could transport you there for a quick visit.

Love ya-s all!!!!!!! Annie O

Swoell said...

Dear Fred,
(From brother Stan) I finally found your blogspot through Google searching. Thanks to Pat and Meg for establishing this way to keep all your friends and fans posted on your condition and progress. The pictures and comments are very helpful in better understanding the battle you are in to regain your health. It's obvious that you are in good hands through loving hospital staff and family. You are so blessed to have Pat by your side managing your care and treatment. I can't even attempt to comprehend the struggle you are going through, but you all are in our thoughts and prayers as you presevere through this very difficult time.
Love, Stan & Karla