Tuesday, March 25, 2008


From Fred in the Library, escaped from the floor (with permission! actually)"sitting in the hospital library with my georgeous wife, whose idea I credit to her for the blog and much much more. I've discovered the sound of ONE HAND CLAPPING as my left hand doesn't respond to the right hand, but I am hoping that will be improved upon. the good people at this facilityseem to love their ork and those they treat. so despite my frustrations getting back on my feet and hopefully towaqrds normal. their sense of humor and joy has made this unplesant experience bearable.It goes without saying everyone's emails , cards and letters have overwhelmed me. so much love is a bit hard to comprehend. BUT , THANKS


Anonymous said...

Dear Fred, Soooooo good to see your typings today! Nothing wrong with your mind/thinking, that's for sure... and a great comfort to us from afar. "and I am unanimous in that"!!!
Hmmm, maybe it is finally sinking in... You ARE very much loved and respected by so many... drink it in, enjoy it, use it as fuel, get better... clap with 2 hands again.
Much love to You and Patricia, Christel
ps... She is gorgeous.

Steff said...

It is so wonderful to see the pictures and read the posts- especially the last one from you! You look great and should be so encouraged by the progress. You are loved- and admired and respected- so sorry it took something like this to bring that out. You are surrounded by love and good wishes and prayers- use the energy and keep getting stronger. Keep fighting! It is working!
Love, Steff, Jim and girls