Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am fortunate to be honored by having friends like you. I am presently in a limbo state. I have trouble typing, dealing with the simplest tasks. This is a good hospital and the staff has been wonderful. My PT has been fun and helpful. I enjoy it. The delay in response to all the wonderful emails and cards is due to my current condition. heartfelt thanks
love J.Fred

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lalena said...

Fred and Pat,
Tom is likely in Atlanta waiting to get on the plane to Portland ME. His favorite hours of the day (the morning) spent in the airport with a whole lot of people he'd rather not see or hear. :) Today I was supposed to go to a farm outside the city and help plant eggplant seeds in tiny pots for summer, but I awoke to snow. Lots and lots of it coming down strong. Looking quite determined. It has been a strange time. The world seems all mixed up. Snow at the end of March is very rare here. The radish, arugula and pea shoots in our raised beds are, thank god, safely under a clear plastic (a really ugly looking system I set up, but one that is working). If we are lucky, we'll be eating radishes in a couple of weeks. Life persists.

Take care!