Sunday, March 23, 2008

sunday morning

hello!note to all of you! with love!

image of an inventor-adventurer that reminds us of Fred...

Fred's drawing of his left hand, with some notes to Betty. We said goodbye to her this morning.

Fred was eager to get back on the bicycle this morning so we went up after breakfaast and he rode for about 10 minutes.
he's been flirting with the nurses today.


Steff said...

Uncle Fred and Pat- As we celebrate this resurrection Sunday, we hold you up in prayer and ask for a resurrection of another kind for you- a full recovery and the opportunity for more creativity. Thank you for the blog- now we will feel more connected and can leave messages for you. The girls did do some drawings for you- but I sent them to deer isle. So glad to hear of the progress so far. It is promising and encouraging. We love you!

Steff, Jim and girls

aoldach said...

Oh good Fred, eager for the morning ride, just like the moring swim but warmer and no need for the wet suit. And why not keep all those pleasant faces entertained, the wonderful nurses who can provide. It is totaly understandable. And whatever gets us smiling and moving it is such a gift.

In Delaware the Easter day-off opportunities included: enough time to partially limb up a dead pine tree, to plant Easter flowers for a freinds mother and bring her and her husband Easter boxes; a chance to hunt out and transplant chionodoxa bulbs in my yard. (This has been a something like twelve-year tenured desire -sooo satisfying). Time to explore the fox hole in the railroad cut behind my housem and pick up the beer cans the neighbor's children leave. Growwwllllll And still before me, time to finish the listing for my teachers' workshops, after a quick note to Fred. I am intriqued with the hand pictures, and all the pictures made to look like whats-his-name that makes everything look like the newspaper cartoons. I do know I'll think of it.
How do you do that?

And, ?? I forget who Betty is? And I wish I could read the notes on the fingers, is it like acupuncture??? I am so grateful to all of you for being there with Fred and especially for Fred being in my life. Ciao, Grateful Annie.

EBK said...

Hi Fred, It's 2 am and I think about you the past few nights at around this time, knowing that you are awake most likely(at least according to your blog you're sleeping more during the day). I have a habit of waking around this time, and going down by the woodstove to read for an hour or so, and the last few nights have been so brilliantly moonlit, it's been enjoyable to just sit in the dark for a while, looking at the moonlit backyard through the glass doors. I even got out last night and walked over to the ledge behind my house in Stonington to watch the moon over the sea. Of course it was not for long since I was in my pajamas and bathrobe and the f'n wind was howling at about 40 knots, heralding the Maine springtime!
That sea which we sat and gazed at
year after year up on the deck. The best times were when we had the place to ourselves in the fall. Looking out at the kicked up sea sparkling in the low angled sunlight, our clothes wafting the air with aroma of wastewater (a marvelous boon to the appetite), you snacking on your umpteenth carrot, and having to listen to my bad jokes. In your immortal words, "the best".
Keep up the progress so you can get back down to the coast!

PS If you want a good laugh, check out this clip on youtube of Bill McDonnell and me at the HIP Dance at the Opera House in January.
and start wearing purple!

Christine said...

Hi Fred - I just read about your stroke on the Metal Clay Board. I was a student of yours years ago - you certified me in PMC in a cramped little basement in Maryland. (You probably remember the cramped little basement!!) We students all adored you and I am so sorry to hear about your stroke...BUT, I am thrilled that your recovery is moving along so nicely. You are in my heart and in my prayers - all the best for a speedy recovery. Christine Norton (in Virginia)

Anonymous said...

It has been many days since I've checked in and I am thrilled to hear of the progress-- a few steps taken and time on an exercise bike! And even Andrew is there on the blog. How amazing.

My entire family prayed for you over Easter dinner yesterday, Fred. You are touching even those who have never met you.

sending you continued love,


Siri Beckman said...

We vigiled yesterday. There were only 3 of us! You were much on our minds as we stood in silence. Love and healing to you.