Saturday, March 15, 2008

Acts of Kindness for Fred

dear friends and family,

I would love for you to take a moment to perform an act of kindness today, and dedicate it to Fred.


aoldach said...

Two acts, but you know sometimes the act(s) of kindness are so much fun, it can't really be thought of in any terms but a gift for me to myself. -- a little neighbor who I don't really know, but oh so clever, I taught her about cutting forsythia to force it to bloom and we looked at where it was new growth and where I cut it last year - the barkier bark and the softer green smooth bark. Then we examined flowers and decided the flowers were from a maple tree. She picked some snow drops and some crocuses and she found bulbs washed out of the ground by the snow and rain and we we put them in a little pot for her so she could see what they would turn out to be.

Premleena said...

The bird feeder has been a big success this winter. First I noticed chickadees and junkos, then a squirrel, then 3, one with a very short tail, then a deer, then four, then the neighbors dog who comes to see who has been around, and of course, blue jays and crows who think you aren't watching, plus one mouse. So today, my act of kindness in feeding the "birds" is for Fred, knowing you will have some suggestions on how to let the birds get their food without the whole animal kingdom moving in for a browse. Namaste, Premleena