Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seroquel sleep

Seroquel sleep...
into mid-morning
not perfect, but providing rest in the storm
Keith Jarred...playing Bach
while Fred breathes deeply, in and out of sleep
Spring Snow last night
Crows seem to fly, soar, circle, dive to the concert, the grey sky as backdrop
the blessed sound of snoring
Dud kept vigil last night
protecting, watching, witness
Pat slept the night at Riverside Inn & soaked in lavendar bath early
returning to find progress & to evaluate, confer with vigilant nurse/ therapy team...for today Wed. Mar. 26, 2008
marked on my calendar as the final day of my residency at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, OTIS , Oregon
Thomas and lalena have collected my paintings...the series SEVEN STOPPING PLACES, PAINTINGS, VIDEO & GRANARIES
T&L will deliver them to Arthur DeBow at OCAC Centrum Gallery for my June Exhibition

Kim enters for OT


Anonymous said...

dear fred,
so glad to read you got a bit of sleep at last!!

sending love from the west coast and wishes for more restful nights


lalena said...

Pat and Fred,

We went to Sitka to pick up your work from the residency, Pat. I thought it would be strange and uncomfortable. But, it was so good. The day was bright and clear. The air gave off a solid, determined warmth. We sat with Chris and Irena and the others and shared a meal to celebrate the time there and the work done. The writer resident was drinking a beer that she said you'd turned her on to. And, we finally met Frank Boyden. It was fun to hear them talk about you and your work. You left a mark there for sure. They miss you and spoke about your incredible energy. This (you and Fred both have it) is what, I know, is propelling you both through this time.

We took pictures of the place and I tried to soak it up for you because you could not. We walked to the river and watched the seals mate (I can't think of what else that might have been up to), the ocean's waves crash against the rocks and then flow into the river and felt the hopeful sun's warmth on our skin.

And we met Laura's baby, Karis, who was born on the 17th.

What adventures have come out of this!

Tom is getting ready to fly to you tomorrow...checking bus schedules, the weather, preparing snacks for the journey and doing laundry.

It is so good to see you Fred in these photos. Thanks for thinking of those of us who are so far away and need to see you. It comforts me to know that you making such fast progress!


Anonymous said...

Hey Fred, just back from D.C. with daughter Emily. Went to the Renwick gallery and saw your beautiful work. All we could say was WOW. You get better soon and get back to work. The world needs your talent and artist's need your inspiration.