Saturday, March 22, 2008

in motion

yesterday was a very good day.
Fred was up out of the wheelchair and with assistance from the physical therapists, he took a few steps,
they also had him on a bicycle-like machine, so he can get motion back into his legs. so Fred got a good confidence boost from these accomplishments.

thank you everyone for your continued support and love, it means so much to receive your messages and postcards!

more later,


Anonymous said...

Dearest Fred,
Just heard last night.

Really glad,but not surprised,to see your great progress. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers... just a few extra these days! If you aren't off teaching again (already)in May when I come up for the Mineral Symposium, maybe we can have a little visit?

..thank you,thank you!!!, for this blog. Its so wonderful to stay informed without bothering you two.
I Love and miss you both, Christel

aoldach said...

so, first day of spring and here in Delaware I walked at Wintherthur -- anyone passing the little gem we call DE owes themselves a walk on the March bank there. What a treasure.

My all time favorite bulb a periwinkle blue chionodoxa and squills (darker blue), adonis, ackonite (both yellow), snow drops, which by now are on their way out - and I can't remember the right name for this funny kind of broad leaf plant called a something rose - its leaves and blooms tend toward a green rosy color.

Anyway, it is such a boost to see all these living things springing from a relatively cool earth, makes one so full of hope for warmer weather and more spring flowers. For the first time I decided to see what the chionodoxa bulb looked like -- and yikes it turns out their quite good sixed and about 7" inched down in the earth. I would never have guessed.

re: your news, I am excited about the bicycle thingie? Is it in essence a stationary bike or more complicated than that?

It must feel like potential mobility and a new freedom to be pedaling no matter that its not really going anywhere yet. You go Fred.

Love to the team! Homies of Easter Maine Medical etc. can't quite remember the name. Annie O.