Sunday, March 16, 2008

eagles and olympia

ok I was taking Fred out in the wheelchair for a visual break and to see his blog.
this required leaving rehab and going down to the lobby to pick up wireless. I showed him the blog, we read people's entries, Fred was moved by it but exhausted. each small task is exhausting. so i brought him up to third floor but said to him do you want to see the river? we visited the river.
I spoke about the Salmon River Estuary in Oregon and now this river with the ice flows breaking up for spring and I thought of the Eagle and told him about the eagle who flew over my head with the other 3 artist/writers on our hike last week (can that be possible)up the mountain, Cascade Head or Bald Mountain as the Indians named it. so i asked him to remember our hike last year up that same mountain and to close our eyes and pray to the eagle spirit or great spirit or whatever is sacred pray for the returned use of his beautiful left hand, so like the eagles ...strong usually like a vice grip...then i talked about Deepak Chopra and his insistence that there are no coincidences that everything is ripe with meaning....I don't know why i was saying that but nance and I had been talking about that and the interesting things we had been told by Buzz from the woman in NM....balance, trust etc.the breaking open of the heart chakra... with that i see an eagle fly down the river and land on the bank. i pointed and said well there you go. that eagle is telling us something...
so we moved on in search of art supplies from occupational therapy. the nurse at the desk took us down the hall and found a few supplies. fred wants to draw.....and there were 3 people in that room chatting together, an elderly woman in wheelchair with lovely and lively eyes the other two were Olympia Snowe and her husband. the older woman is his aunt who shares rehab!!!!with Fred....chew on that!!!!!!!! i of course greeted the senator reminding her that she may remember me as I spend a great deal of time in her office. said in a non threatening way...then I told her about Fred, there with me in the wheelchair and we proceeded to converse in a most kind way. her husband is very nice. she was god what is going on!!!!

Meg called, she is in Portland making her way north. Tom called will arrange to fly east to overlap with Meg who will be with us for 10 days. they will xray Fred to see if he fractured anything when he fell he has great pain in the hip now.


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Judith ingram said...

I keep trying to post a comment as instructed but the damn system keeps rejecting me . . . tells me that my password doesn't match . . . match what ?

I did a sketch of Fred from his blog but was afraid if he saw it , it might send him back to ICU. So I'll wait 'til he's stronger.

Hurry man ! ! ! xxxxxxx judy