Monday, March 17, 2008

Keith Jarrett, quietly in the night

Fred saw the occupation therapist this morning. today it is one week since his stroke. he is making progess...slow but really good progress.he could stand with weight on both legs if only for a moment it is remarkable . his left side was effected so it's most important that his left leg could hold his weight. h'ell see the physical therapist and spech therapist this afternoon and the OT as well. speech is excellent, circular as always and abstract. meg had him writing poetry last night he wrote"still pencil almost invisible like I feel my life is fading, slipping way before me...BUT a stroke is new to me, it is a mystery .... Kieth Jarred piano concert, Koln , quietly in the background...and I don't know what to do and how this will work out."

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Marcia said...

Hello dear Fred,
I am thinking of you and send loving healing thoughts. My love to you too Pat. The blog is fantastic! Way to go Meg! I never bought the Koln concert tape of it is worn I will go buy it and think of you...and who knows...maybe do some drawings too.Love that you are drawing....those fabulous hands at work. Always so inspiring and thought provoking is Keith Jarrett's music.I am listening to it right now on You Tube. Computers are so amazing....just like you Fred. I laughed out loud when I read that you were tinkering with the screw under your tray.Hang in there my dear are loved by many. Big hugs filled with love and warmth.