Tuesday, March 18, 2008




Eleanor said...

Dear Freddie,
It is not surprising that you are feeling the healing and energy being sent to you. You are so loved. I think of you each day and just now, when I was in the yard, breathing in the fragrance of the lemon blossoms, I thought of you and your great lemon ice cream which rivals my lemon meringue pie.
With love and healing,

aoldach said...

Gosh I'm just getting the hang of this. I didn’t get it, -- that you can choose one of the topics and post there, duuuughhhhh Anne! Oh well, this is my "modernizing" lesson for the month -- learn the ins and outs, and twist and turns of the blog, and blogging. (Will William P Bickley aka Bill approve of this word being entered into the official Webster’s? I am told all the Performing Arts Houses have blogs. It is de rigueur, so Joe public can register their views on things, help select the performers by their straw vote. Share their two cents. I guess that's what I'm doing here right. But, I really have to think about whether I like that idea. But this blog and seeing the bulletin board that is cool, and images of Fred's first drawings post lapsarian (sp?)and Fred in colored lenses. Is his lens peach with all his progress today? And I can't wait till my little card arrives and I get posted (hope, hope, hope,) on the bulletin board. But then I think it needs to be an expanding board. Maybe a fold down board like the chalk board in the metals studio at you know where. Or Meg will make it electronic and we will scroll through the items to find the new ones. Today I trained at the University of Delaware on UD Financials systems (People Soft). Weird name yeh? Another huge technology I am grabbing around the throat and throttling into submission. I will only learn so much and then I resist. I think of this as my war with electrons being too much the boss of me. It is a better war than many. And maybe Fred is in a battle with some unruly elements, neurons run a little a muck or maybe in some muscle firings, these little, internal, electrical pathways, who would normally zip and zap with no notice and now, maybe they are taking a break, taking a nap, resting thats a nice thought, saving themselves for later, so they can return to full action and try to keep up with the challenging act of responding to Fred’s grey matter. I don’t know that my muscle firings could face those challenges. Anyway, I love hearing the Reiki theory. I love hearing the voices of those who support this great endeavor in its public/private permutations, happening too far away and yet I feel like I'm privy to the action. And the action seems good today. You go Fred, as they say! Thanks for keeping us posted Pat et all. Love!!!!!!!! Annie O