Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Anonymous said...

coming going, day by day measured in wonders, set backs going back and then forward to arrive at normal and then some more. Each moment precious, realized at it's zenith to mean yes yes, life goes on, rediscovered for you for all of us.

All our love,

sharon and dan

aoldach said...

Dearest Pat and Treasured Fred,

Patricia's poetry - her strength, her rest, Fred's rest, hopeful for more once the sleep slips in may it find a more settled place and give that gift that only sleep can give -- the renewal. I am so glad for Pat's words, so grateful. -- I

I am listening to NPR, to a program about child witches, children accused in Africa - a discrimination that allows them to put out of the house - to be sent to jail and WHAT?- children and adults can reach beyond a hard faced level of reality, a grim world we have a dificult time facing, but then this acusatory like the persecution of the Salem witches and others of our earlylier history - of our own days as well for those who would speak the truth and fight the corrucpion of power -- -- I don't want to ake this grim though.

Pat - your gift to us has been - you, you have taken us to places we would never go from a distant phone call to hear the news. The news is so much in the heart and the unspoken metaphysical world - the intangible complemented with the tangible but the more the struggle is physical the more the important messages and "progresses" are metaphysical/ I think, lots and lots of love