Friday, March 28, 2008

Fred connects to internet

today Fred received assistance from the librarian and tech support getting his laptop to connect to the internet so he's reading ALTERNET righ now. I am posting . we are in the EMMC library again. it is 4:30 , dinner at 5:00... movies tonight. we checked out about 10 which hopefully will get us through the night. last night was 3 hours deep drugged sleep and the rest in fits and starts with bogey monsters arriving to spend the dark hours. I am always most grateful to see the light of day .tonight we'll stay up late perhaps as Thomas arrives at 6:30 from Portland, Oregon via Portland, Maine. Drew will leave monday or so to return to Brooklyn.

todays PT was amazing. Fred took his first post stroke steps, stood straingt and held his own weight. he has homework which he so enjoys , to squeeze a hand held device to make his left hand stronger and extend the arm. we(Drew, Pat, Fred) played volleyball in the hall last night with a yellow baloon....

ok i'll load todays photos

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Premleena said...

HI Pat and Fred!
WOW! Great news, photos of you standing Fred, CHEERS! Those all night work out sessions are paying off. Lots of love, Steph