Wednesday, May 21, 2008

settling into home

It's been a little over a week since Fred came home. the first week was hard with many alterations needed on the house to make it safe. we are settling into a routine now and it's working. Fred's progress is steady. tonight we went to the harbor for him to walk on the dock using only the handrail and me to assist. he loved it and breathed in the salt air deeply and loved being there and the walking. the swim therapy has some big glitches to be worked out at the facility in Bangor. it's just NOT equiped for disabled people even though they have a program. odd I thought. I called the director and complained. we shall try again when I return from Oregon but it means Fred needs to be dressed and showered at home (one hour away) so it is less than perfect but the therapists agreed to give Fred a full hour in the pool. this first time we drove an hour and he was in the pool 15 min. we were pretty unhappy with that! but the ramps are in, the hand rails, installed, handles everywhere and we are managing. I leave for Oregon to teach and for my show on sunday, returnig on June 8. 12 or 13 or 14 people who we know and love have volunteered to care for Fred, morning, noon and night for those two weeks . we are eternally grateful. they have been coming over to get trained all week. isn't that amazing. community is everything at these moments. remember that all of you. loving community.

ok for now I'll post a photo from tonight's drive to the water (every night we always do that together. Fred had his camera)
love to all


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Steff said...

We are so excited to hear of the progress. Keep it coming!! It has got to lift your spirits to be at home. Pat- enjoy your time in Oregon- it sounds like Uncle Fred is in great hands!

Love, Steff, Jim and girls