Tuesday, May 6, 2008

home for a day


aoldach said...


How wonderful to see you at home. I am just cookin up my summer program planning in a way that makes me very happy and over overly busy. Oh to be organized! Can I learn that from Fred?

Great news re: the trial.

Each step closer to my summer workshops here, means a step closer to Maine and I can't wait for that.

"Makin stuff" - that I miss in these work heavy loaded times. But I know I will get to the studio and all will be well. You go FRED!

Jeanne Bashein said...

Fred- so glad that you're home now! I just had to get an update on you--- to see you on the pier was great- what a wonderful place to be.... you're in my thoughts alot.... of course, anytime I work with the PMC.... I know its been a tough road, but to see your progress brings a smile to my face! I see there's a new Bronze Clay..... have you heard much about it? All info appreciated! Much love
Jeanne Bashein
(Deland PMC class)