Monday, February 9, 2009

Fred teaches casting in Haystack mentor program

Fred just completed a class with high school students through the Haystack Mentor program. he had four students who made lots of rings. they were so enthused that they used all of Fred's flasks. they went home yesterday with big smiles and wearing rings on every finger.
We are now getting ready for our first flight since Fred's stroke. we will fly to Seattle and from there take a small plane tp Lopez island, one of our favorite place on the planet. We've rented a house for the month of March and will get to visit with my children, the two who live on the west coast. we are both thrilled at the progress and to have some travel again. in May we'll head out to Oregon for teaching at OCAC and a trip to the coast for R&R.

much love to all

Fred was 75 last week. we had a great little party and he showed some of his favorite slide shows.


Barbara said...

Hi Fred and Pat,
I hope the trip out to the west coast was a smooth success. Its great to see pictures of you, Fred, getting back in to some teaching. I check your blog periodically. Hope you're having some great R and R on the west coat. Maybe they have no ice there!
The bakery in Northeast is being built quite quickly. By the time they open in May or June, you'll be able to get those hermits that you like.
March greetings from Islesford,
Barb Fernald

Barbara Becker Simon said...

Happy Birthday Fred!! You are back in the saddle again! Yayyy!
I am sorry that our Rio thing was postponed this year. Tonya and I were looking forward to tormenting you. Bummer, hopefully next year.
Have a great time in the NW. Hi to Pat!
Barbara Simon

Steph said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and your work ( shame on me .. but I live in Belgium... if that counts as an excuse...). Would have liked to be one of these students!

Pet Print said...

Does the artist have en email address?


Lou Ann said...

Just wanted you to know how much we loved seeing you this summer. You really haven't change - still love your incredible sense of humor. You are so creative and fun. Wish we could have spent more time together. Please tell Pat how much we appreciated her hospitality. She's a very lovely lady - you are blessed.

Jackie & I bought one of your rings at the Turtle Gallery. We love them. I wear mine on my thumb - it's pretty cool. Looks like an imprint from a US Bond is on it?

Again thanks for meeting us - it was wonderful to see you again after all these years.
Love to you & Pat:
Lou Ann

Christen said...

Hey kids, it's time to update the blog!! Your adoring fans want to keep up!

Barbara said...

I'm with Christen! What's up?

lynn brunelle said...

Hey Fred: A voice from your past. This is Lynn Brunelle. Remember me? I remember you and I'd love to reconnect. Sounds like you've had a hell of a journey but have made it through with grace and joy. Not surprising. Is this the best way to contact you? Let me know.