Tuesday, April 15, 2008

message from Fred

Dear friends,

I am overwhelmed by the number of postcards , handmade cards, gifts and good wishes coming my way since my stroke. My ability to type on the computer has been effected for now but I can still write well. Please know that you are in my thoughts. My appreciation runs deep. When I am feeling recovered I will attempt to send a more lucid message of thanks. Pat and I are so blessed to have people like you show concern for our well being and my fast recovery. please use my blog and also the new link to the justifying art blog( right hand side of home page) to add your voice to a discussion I’ve been wanting to have for years about just what makes the arts so critical for our health as a people and how do we present that to the public and wake them up to it’s importance. I look forward to reading your comments. A friend is typing my thoughts into the blog (justifying art) for me and that will be ready soon.

I send my love and gratitude your way.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fred, I have an olifactory snapshot of Deer Isle I wanted to give you(given hospitals smell like shit.Literally and deer isle is alive with spring smells) And was thinking of dropping by over the weekend. Hope that will work. Sarah Doremus

Julia said...

Hello Dear Fred,
Greetings from St. Joseph, Michigan. Vicki and I have been sending you positive thoughts for a few weeks now. Thought we'd remind you how beautiful it is here in the spring/summer. Great place to recover! Come by when you're able!
I look forward to participating in the Justifying Art talk.
Julia Gourley
Krasl Art Center

Maureen said...

Art. Is it the all-too-critical response to the insanity and outrage we live with on a daily basis? Is it, perhaps, our attempt at manifesting resilience and strength?

You dearest friend, as always, even now, continue to inspire me to mine the depths to discover the spirit that connects the will, the eye, the heart and the hand.

"As far as consistency of thought goes, I prefer inconsistency." John Cage

"Every day is a good day" JC

love you,

quincie said...

Aloha Friday Fred,

Didn't get a postcard in the mail this week, so I thought I'd attempt a blog. I've been keeping track of your exceptional progress and have been sending you and Pat thoughts of love. I'm not necessarily a talker, but more comfortable as a doer. So I'm sending the people that are doing for you some good energy. Wish I could be there to help. I'm checking your web site daily. Lots of love. Quincie

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fred, for continuing to inspire all of us. Thinking of you in sunny L.A. and hoping to see you sometime soon, with more art-infused news.

Love, Mikki

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Fred...

Greetings...Arthur Murray would like you to be his "Poster Guy." You have all the "right steps."

Keep the energy flowing. Look forward to seeing you very soon.

Pat...hope a few days of rest will put you back on the "dance floor."


sid said...

Hi Fred, You look better than when i saw you last at the winter workshops. i am so happy you are doing so well. this is my first blog and i hope i have written in the right window or is it a box...i wish you all the power of the of universe in aiding your recovery...you have given so much so you deserve all the love and healing power there is....take care, sid....

Fred Zweig said...

Dear Fred,

Glad to hear of your progress and may each day bring you greater mobility. Eleanor gave me the information on this blog and thought I would send my best wishes. Tucson is warm as always and we hope to see you back here soon.

Fred Zweig

Barbara Becker Simon said...

Hey Fred!
Just got back from an extended stay with a friend in ABQ. We had a great time at Rio, but without you and CeCe, it was a bit strange. So great to hear your voice. You are going to adore the bronze clay.

I am so heartened by your progress, although not a bit surprised as to your determination. You show the world your easy going facade but you are steel through and through!
Keep it up and go Badgers!!
Hi to Patricia!
Warmest regards,
Barbara Simon

Steff said...

We are thinking about you and praying that Pat is feeling better and you are enjoying the beauty of spring. The strength of spring is energizing for us and we hope you feel it as well. Keep working hard and making progress!

Love, Steff, Jim and girls

Anonymous said...

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